It is the main oil variety of Greece.

Productive variety , rapid entry into production ( 3rd year of planting ) and alternating bit . Has a lower production efficiency ( accumulated crop / volume glass ) with respect to other varieties ( Arbequine – i.18 , Arbosana , etc . )
Considered little rustic and cold tolerant . The flowering season coincides with that of Arbequina and produces a lot of pollen . The maturity date is half ( first half of December ) and the fruit has a high peel strength makes it difficult to harvest mechanically with vibrator. However, it is well suited to mechanized continuous collection ( cabalgantes machines ) due to its form fruiting in clusters.

This variety is considered tolerant ” repilo ” ( Spilocaea oleagina , Cast ) , and moderately resistant to ” Verticillium ” being sensitive “tuberculosis” .

The fruit is used to mill, with a medium-high oil yield 25.6 % smt . Olive oil is prized for its distinctive green color, good stability and high oleic acid.